Climbing Mountains for Mind

Climbing Mountains for Mind the mental health charity

Emily Piper

Climbing the largest free standing mountain, one of the worlds’ seven summits is no small feat,
it took training, patience, determination and a strong positive mental attitude, which at points
more that wavered. This challenge had been on my bucket list for quite some time. Needing to
have major lower limb reconstructive surgery on both legs has just made me all the more
determined to grab life with both hands, get out there to see the world and appreciate what it
has to offer. Just 2 weeks into recovery from surgery on my second leg, lying in a hospital bed
dreaming of what to do when I was mobile again seemed like the ideal time to conquer the
magnificent mountain that is Kilimanjaro.

Encountering rock climbing, steep inclines and declines, as well as acute mountain sickness. The
five day trek to the Uhuru peak saw us battle through all five eco zones, trekking through the
night to reach the summit by sunrise.

Our incredible guides, standing ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with us every step of the way calmed any
doubts we had along the way, allowing us to fulfil our dream.

Without care and support from The Exeter Clinic, who specialise in Podiatry care, the journey
might have been more torturous with feet getting pounded from the hours of climbing and
hiking on steep, constantly changing uneven terrain and the temperature changes, not to
mention being strapped up in my sturdy walking boots all day long.

There is often a stigma and stereotype that surrounds mental health. Mental health is just as
important as physical health. It affects each and everyone of us, from celebrating major life
events to grieving for a loved one and everything in between. ‘Mind’ is an incredible charity
that is there at any time for anyone struggling with mental health. You can’t determine when
you’re going to need support but knowing that Mind will be there to help is very reassuring and
the wonderful work they do makes them a charity well worth supporting.

You can still donate to this amazing cause!

Check out Emily’s JustGiving Page for Mind – The Mental Health Charity. Please help her raise more!