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Ingrowing toenail treatments

Ingrowing toenails are nails that are often misshapen and difficult to trim, breaking the skin. Once the nail has punctured the skin it is possible for an infection to develop, causing the toe to become red, hot, swollen and tender. This is inflammation. The use of antibiotics can help to temporarily manage infection but it does not treat the underlying problem. Once the course of antibiotics is finished, an infection can return. In some cases it is possible with professional nail care to remove the offending nail and provide it with a finish that will minimise the risk of further issues. This is then best kept under control with periodic visits to your HCPC Podiatrist.

A permanent solution for ingrowing toenails

Sometimes the shape or angle of the nail can be extreme and the toe can keep getting infected making these nails difficult to manage as described. For these nails, there is a more permanent solution.
The relevant toe is completely numbed with a local anaesthetic. The ingrowing section of nail (usually around 10%) is painlessly removed. The nail bed can then be treated and in the majority of cases this can prevent nail regrowth, avoiding a recurrence of trouble.
The end result is a toe that retains most of its nail, minus the section that had given so much trouble. The procedure can be applied to one or both sides of the nail or in more extreme cases the whole nail can be removed.


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